Mission Statement
Tuxedo Junction Rescue is a closed-intake sanctuary for rescued cats who, for reasons of age, health, or behavioral issues, are not considered adoptable to members of the general public.  The mission of this organization is to provide sheltering, veterinary care and loving attention to these cats as they live out their lives in the safety of our sanctuary.  
Our Story
Tuxedo Junction Rescue originally began as a conventional rescue organization, primarily rescuing black and white ("tuxedo") and black cats because of their historic difficulty in being placed through shelters, although this focus did not preclude the rescue of other cats at risk.  Many cats and kittens found their forever homes over the years through our adoption efforts.
As fortune would have it, we later found ourselves primarily sheltering cats who were older (some of whom were taken in as kittens), as well as some who had developed medical issues or behavioral problems.  We found that older cats became extremely stressed at offsite adoption events, so we began using adoption websites as our primary means of adoption outreach.  While we did successfully find homes for many cats this way, this method did have its limitations and made it very difficult to compete with other local organizations that had a greater public presence.  
Don't get us wrong:  We are happy that there are cats finding homes through these other organizations, and we're delighted that Austin's move toward becoming a no-kill city has progressed as far as it has over the years.  But because other local entities have had such success in finding homes, we felt our efforts should be refocused on simply providing the best care possible for the cats who are with us, making adoption a secondary concern. 
As a no-kill entity, we believe that cats who are older or otherwise not “perfect” still have the right to live out their natural lifespans with dignity and loving care. Most of the cats you see on this site will remain with us permanently.  Those still available for adoption will also be permanent residents for life, or until that very special someone comes along.
Please note that adoption returns will always be accepted.
If you adopted a cat from us that you can know longer care for
please e-mail us skylar78757 (at) yahoo.com to make arrangements to return it.
To find a shelter or home for a stray cat or your owner surrendered cat click HERE.
This is the legacy page for Tuxedo Junction Rescue,
which was in operation from 2002 to 2021. 
We are no longer accepting cats or donations.
WE continue to accept adoption returns.
If you adopted a cat from TJR that you can no longer care for,
please e-mail us:
skylar78757 (at) yahoo.com
to make arrangements to return it.  
A big THANK YOU to all who supported us through this adventure!

Tuxedo Junction Rescue, Inc.


Each an individual... each a special soul... each with love to share..

Tuxedo Junction Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity.
This is the legacy page for Tuxedo Junction Rescue,
which was in operation from 2002 to 2021. 
We are no longer accepting cats or donations.
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